Jul 6, 2022

DF65s race report Tuesday 5th July

Inaugural round-the-fountain race

BoM was pretty spot on with the weather, so at 1pm five of us decided to just have a sail around the fountain as a windward mark and see how the afternoon progressed.

We put in a start buoy and a leeward mark to make some sort of course, but with the wind from the south it made for reaching starts.  The showers came and went but we did manage quite a few “races” with Ron Viney showing the way most of the time. Brian Schneider had a couple of wins, Barry Glazier may have had one but most of the finishes were pretty tight which made for good fun and no pressure.
The new “Boom Box” worked well in the rain and it still works.  The afternoon was livened up a bit with a wedding party dodging in and out to take photos between showers.
The brave few were Ron Viney, Brian Schneider, Rob Turton, Barry Glazier  and  your scribe Keith Morris.  Our thanks to Ron for helping tune up the yachts and imparting his wisdom on us mere mortals.  However, we won’t mention the mounting of the fountain by Ron who then proceeded to win the race. He was not the only one to join the ducks sitting there by the way, but I promised Barry I wouldn’t say anything.

Upcoming Event:
Sunday 10th July 1pm DF 95s Castlewood Parkway, Southern River.

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