Jul 20, 2022

Tuesday 65's

Tuesday 65's

What a difference a couple of days make to the weather.  From the wet and miserable Sunday afternoon to the beautiful sunny blue sky Tuesday afternoon. 

However, the fickle winds made setting a good course a real challenge yet again.  The forecast NNE to North winds did everything but,  even going SSE for a while.

There were simultaneously massive wind shifts and wind speed changes , creating some interesting positional changes and comments from some of the 5 participants.

It was great to see Vincent Mak out on the water, and after some rig tuning advice started to get quite competitive.

There seems to be a bit of a glitch with the A fleet download of results, so you won’t see the normal table for now.

Suffice to say that Rob Bovell took out top spot with 7 points having 3 wins and 2 seconds  dropping a 4th place from the 6 races completed.

In second spot was Barry Glazier with 2 wins and 9 points.

3rd spot went to yours truly with one  lucky win  for 11 points

4th was Rob Turton with a couple of thirds for 18 points

5th was Vincent Mak with 23 points and a good 3 place in one race.

Well done everyone, it was good fun with some close racing, and thanks again for helping with the buoys, especially Rob Bovell and his Air Noodle Catamaran.


Keith Morris

Wanderers RSC Secretary

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