Jul 25, 2022

DF95 CC Heat 3

Tight at the top!

We have sailed 58 days at Southern River since January and I can honestly say today was the worse for flotsam of all kinds.  I think all of us at some time virtually came to a halt due plastic bags or weed. However, we did manage sail 8 races with only one being a single lapper due to the then mirror like conditions.  

My thanks to Wayne Coleman and Alan Whalley for assisting with the 6 buoy SW’ly course consisting of  windward offset buoys and a down wind gate,  we did it in a record time of 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, the wind what there was of it went almost south (our worse course direction) as soon as we got started at 1pm.  Fortunately I did put in an extra couple of buoys which did give a bit of a beat to start.  The challenge is getting a a good square start line with a south wind.

A big thank you to Fred Webber and Alan Whalley for keeping the score and doing the starts, it’s a big help.

We only had 5 starters with 3 regulars away on holidays and 2 members unavailable due to other sailing commitments.  Although the numbers were small the competition was pretty keen with some really close finishes.

As you can see from the results Wayne Coleman took out Gold with nett 8 points with 4 wins, Kevin Mathews sailed extremely well with 2 wins and nett 15 points in second place on count back to Barry Glazier 1 win ( Barry missed the last 2 races due to gear failure).  Graham O’Hehir did really well in Races 4 and 6 with  a couple of 3rd places.  The secretary managed a win in the last race thanks to either weed or a plastic bag that slowed Wayne down.

All in all it was a good day, the rain stayed away which was a bonus.




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95CC H3


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