Visitors and new members are always welcome at Wanderers Radio Sailing Club.

If you are interested in becoming involved in radio sailing, and would like to find out more about the sport and our Club, we suggest that you visit the lake in Southern River (corner of Castlewood Parkway and Edencourt Drive) on Sunday mornings (9.30-11.30am in summer, 1-3pm in winter), or Tuesday afternoons 1-3pm, and make yourself known to a club member. We sometimes have a club boat available for you to have a go with. You can sail at the club as a visitor 3 times before we will ask you to join. Once you have joined, you are entitled to race with us for the entire year  (that's more than 100 race days!). Membership also provides coverage under a public liability insurance policy whilst sailing at any of our venues.

The annual membership fee for 2022/23 is $50.00.  If you are already a member of another radio sailing club (affiliated with ARYA) you are entitled to be a Reciprocal Member at the reduced rate of $20. And if you are under 18 years old you are entitled to be a Junior Member, also at the reduced rate of $20.

If you would like to join the club, click on the link below to view our membership form. The form will appear in a new page on your web browser, where you can either print it, or download it using " File"->"Export as pdf" (that's how it's done on a Mac at least).

Click here for membership form

Alternatively, email our club secretary for a membership form




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